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not trying to insult anyone but, why are most models ugly? Arent they supposed to be incredibly beautiful?


I’m surprised that you say that! Lots of models are incredibly beautiful: Jac, Frida, Nastya K, Sigrid, Daria S, Kati N, Andreea, Josephine, etc. The list goes on an on.

But there are some models who aren’t “conventionally beautiful”. Daphne, Lindsey, Vlada, Natasha, Magdalena, etc. They all have what some would consider a ‘flaw’ but is better called a ‘quirk’.

Think about it. Imagine that every model is absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous. Wouldn’t the runways and magazines be boring after some time? Wouldn’t every girl look the same? Wouldn’t people get tired of beautiful faces? That’s why models who have a distinguishing feature, a feature that is called ‘ugly’ by some, are hired. They stand out. They look interesting. They make you want to look twice. Otherwise, we get a sea of “blonde, long-legged robots” as one casting director has said before.


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How Frozen Should Have Ended


Olga Smirnova and Karim Abdullin in ‘Emeralds’.


Semyon Chudin as Prince Federici in ‘Marco Spada’.


Semyon Chudin as Prince Federici in ‘Marco Spada’.


Slow claps

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